Box of Coffee



Bring a box of delicious hot Cafe Du Monde to your next office meeting, movie production set, study group, music recording session or overnight work shift. Freshly brewed upon your request & serves up to eight people.

ATTENTION! Boxes of To-Go Coffee are only available to order Wednesday – Saturday between 9am – 1pm. 

Order comes with cups, lids, wood stir sticks, hot coffee sleeves, napkins, sweetener, and cream. We can deliver this product within a *10 mile radius of the coffee shop, or you may pick-up at the shop, located at 130 S. Main Street, Las Cruces, NM 88001. Must prepay for coffee, No cancelations once order has been placed. If cancelation is absolutely necessary purchaser must physically call and make arrangements for future raincheck. Please leave review on the website if we did a great job or you would like to submit a suggestion. We can also add-on pastries to the coffee order. Also, if you prefer to substitute de-caffeinated, half caffeinated, brewed tea (sweet or non-sweet) or hot cocoa (substitutes are same price) please call the shop 575.523.8828 to put in this request.


We greatly appreciate your loyalty to local independent coffee shops.