Downtown Blues Coffee Menu

Hot Coffee Cafe Du Monde & French Market cold brew coffee from NOLA.

‣ We serve fresh empanadas from local Las Cruces bakery Lujans Bakery. Try the “Blues-Berry”.

‣ Legendary mini, Moon Pies (vanilla, chocolate and banana).

Equal Exchange organic hot teas that include black, red (Rooibos), green, Manzanilla (Chamomile), Earl Grey, and Ginger. Served with local honey, agave or date syrup.

‣ We also have incredible Hot Cocoa topped with macadamia milk that warms your soul.

‣ Zapp’s Voodo chips and Funyuns.

‣ Mazapan Mexican candy treat (Regular or chocolate covered).

‣ Canned & Bottled Pop – RC Cola, Cherry RC Cola, Big Red, 7UP, A&W Root beer, bottled Topo Chico, and Aquavista blue bottle drinking water, Hop Tea & Water, Red Bull, WaterLoo, Yoohoo, and Liquid Death mountain water.

‣ An elegant Iced Masala Chai made with Oatmilk

‣ Italian Sodas flavors include, Lime, Peach, Cherry, Watermelon, Blueberry, Raspberry, and French Vanilla and Irish Cream.

‣ A heavenly Iced Ceremonial Matcha.

‣ “New Mexico brewed Ice tea” sweet, un-sweet, or flavored with frozen fruit chunks such as raspberry, blueberry, peach and mango

‣ We have three wonderful roasters we work with including, local roaster Milagro Coffee -Y- Espresso from Las Cruces, NM who makes us our own delicious blend called Downtown Blues Blend. Also, you must try the Greeny Blues Blend out of McKinleyville, CA from a company called Muddy Waters Coffee Company, and of course Cafe Du Monde!

‣ We sell all three roasters by the cup, bag and can.

Cold Brew

Downtown Blues Blend

“Greeny” Coffee