There are so many faces that come through the Downtown Blues Coffee, and we always go out of our way to greet each and every one who walks through the door. We love engaging with our customers and finding out where there from or, what brought them into our establishment.

That said, I’ve always liked to observe people, and look for uniqueness & peculiarity. So, I decided to pay tribute to the beautiful homo sapiens that walk through 130 S. Main Street in Las Cruces, New Mexico aka the Downtown Blues Coffee shop and call this section “MoM” for Model of the Month.

The “Model of the Month” will change every month, and feature black, native American white, hispanic, Indian, asian, gay, straight, transgender, woman, man, locals, visitors, immigrants, homeless etc, etc, etc. As we all know, our world has changed tremendously since March 2020, and has sparked so much division amongst our society. This MoM is a tribute to remind us that we are all on the same planet and ultimately, better off together. ENJOY!


The first MoM selected is a good friend, first musician to play live at the coffee shop (one half of a duo, other is Alyiah K.) loyal customer, supporter and advocate of the Downtown Blues Coffee, Ms. Ari, Thank you for taking the time to pose for the website. Fred and I thank you, and think you are gonna do very well in your future, weather it be in music or any other entity you choose.

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